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Improving Relationships, Behavior, and Health

find the true
within you!

Move toward radical change in your relationships, behavior and health by clearing emotional blocks that may be keeping you stuck in old patterns.  These patterns can wreak havoc on not only us but often the ones we love the most.

Through a very effective and gentle healing modality called IPT processing I can help you transform old pain and hurt into empowerment and love. Find the true within you!


Integrative Processing Technique (IPT)

What to expect during a process

Our brain is programming like the software of a computer . All of the experiences we have ever had are recorded and held in our mind including how we think and feel about the experience. We tend to transfer this info to what we think will happen in the future. How we expect relationships to look, what we think we deserve or are worthy of having, How hard life is supposed to be, how we think we have to be in order to be lovable etc… The perceptions we have however are only based on a tiny piece of a much bigger picture. As children we don't see the big pic and thus our perception is skewed. I help people rewire (wiring established from 0-8 years old) the brain, giving the old programing a much needed update.  

Each session lasts approximately 75 minutes and is gently look at the past while using modalities such as inner child work, reparenting, visualization, neuro-linguistic programing, guided imagery, role play & behavioral kinesiology.

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Book a session with Melanie

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