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What people are saying

"From my first process with Melanie I felt at ease. I live out of state and she is able to do processes over the phone. Never having met her I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she has such a calming personality. I love and appreciate that she is fully present with me during the entire session.If I get stuck at any point during our time, she is patient and intuitive on what to do to keep the process on track and moving in the right direction. I always come away feeling clearer, and more centered."



"My sessions with Melanie have been so insightful! She has a way of helping me feel at ease because of her deep sense of calm. Her gift of wisdom has given me life changing insights. There is nothing like being able to see where you have been emotionally, so that you can change where you are headed. I have been able to be truer to myself and, in turn, more loving to others!”

"My experiences doing emotional release work with Melanie has been amazing!
She is very talented and skilled at identifying and clearing emotions that are holding me back and/or causing me pain. With every session I have felt clarity and had new insight about myself and it has allowed me to move forward in a positive direction with my life, feeling more free to make decisions based in love instead of fear. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to let go of negative emotions or events in their life, so that they can move forward free from the weight of their past experiences and emotions."


"Melanie uses the perfect combination of compassion and gentle guidance to help speed the process of healing. In working with her she was able to help me uncover a huge subconscious belief and program that I  never knew existed. I still reflect often on that and other work that I have done with her. The awareness and removal of intense emotion surrounding those experiences of my youth have been a monumental step in my personal progression and happiness. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me!!"



"My 7-year-old daughter was having some intense emotional and angry feelings. At a loss of how to best help her, I turned to Mel and asked if she worked with kids, and she said yes! After my daughter's first session, she hopped in the car, and randomly blurted out "I feel so happy!" Having Mel work with her has really benefited not only her, but me as well. Being able to be present during the process really gave me insight in to how my daughter internalizes events in her life, and this has helped me to be a better parent for her. I'm so grateful for Mel!" 

- Corinne

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