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heal your relationship
with food

Food is the fastest most accessible way to change how we feel. We use food in many ways. We may use food to: 

• help us relax
• cope with stress
• connect socially
• numb out (avoid)
• Sometimes we use food and body weight to stay safe (shield)
• and even to define who we are (for good or for bad).

It’s become clear through medical research that diets alone don’t work long term. One reason is because we have subconscious blocks that are causing our bodies to hold onto extra weight. In the Heal Your Relationship with Food program I teach techniques that can clear these blocks and get you back to you natural state of health around food.



5 week course. Includes 1 group coaching call and 1 Q&A call per week. There is a fee to register.



please fill out the form, call, or text to sign-up for the upcoming course, or to request more details. 

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